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Is this service legal?

Yes! We have a licensing agreement with every network on the KlowdTV platform to stream their channel(s).

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

No. KlowdTV is strictly on a month-to-month basis. You can add, remove or cancel your subscription at anytime right on your profile page. Your subscription will automatically renew until you select "discontinue subscription" and follow the steps on the bottom of your profile page. It is that simple!

How does the free trial work?

For the remainder of 2016, when you register you will receive a trial that extends to January 1 2017. After December 23 2016, when you register you will receive your first seven days free. Once the trial has ended, your subscription will automatically renew at the current subscription price until you discontinue your subscription. It is that easy to start watching live TV today.

Why isn't the channel I want on KlowdTV?

KlowdTV is actively negotiating contracts to add additional channels to our lineup. As choice is at the heart of what KlowdTV is, we are always adding more channels so that more options are available, even though we don't require you to pay for all of them. If your favorite channel is not yet on KlowdTV, please let us know. Check back often to see what channels have been added to new and existing packages.

Can I watch KlowdTV outside of the United States?

Unfortunately not. Many of our licensing agreements with the channels we carry prohibit distribution outside of the US. We hope to expand internationally soon.

How do I create an account?

Please visit https://www.klowdtv.com/ in your preferred web browser. Click on the "Join" link.

  • Step 1: Creates an account with an email and password.
  • Step 2: Select available additional options and services.
  • Step 3: Provide payment method. You can choose between PayPal or providing credit card information.
  • Step 4: Thank you page will appear upon success.

How do I edit my account?

From the profile page, you can edit your user email, password, billing information and / or subscription options.

I am receiving an error message telling me that I have too many active accounts. How do I fix this?

We are required to limit the number of simultaneous active users per account. Please do not share your account with anyone. If you have, please consider changing your password, and asking anyone that you have shared your account with to stop using. If you have not shared your account information with anyone then please email support@klowdtv.com. It is possible if your system crashed/closed abnormally then our system may have not recognized the closing/log-out, and that your limit will have to be reset.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can discontinue your subscription from the profile page... Doing so will deactivate your monthly subscription.

When I try to watch a channel I receive an M3U8 / no levels to play error. How do I fix this?

When using the available apps, you may need to log out and then log in to refresh the session. Otherwise, you may receive and M3U8 error if a firewall or network administrator is blocking the stream, using a proxy or VPN. This is typically only a problem with work/office, commercial or public web connections where the network administrators have a lot of safe guards in place. If you receive this error please check with your network administrator. Make sure your firewall isn't blocking incoming traffic, and don't use a proxy or VPN to access public web.

When I try to watch a channel I receive an m3u8 / HTTP cross-domain error. How do I fix this?

Aside from checking your connection via public connection hot-spots (see "no levels to play" question), you may need to check if you are using HTTPS or HTTP to watch our feeds. At this time you must be using HTTP://www.klowdtv.com/ to watch some of our channels.

My Android phone or tablet has Android software 4.1 or higher but I still can't stream anything. Why?

While the player we use should work with all Android 4.1 devices and up, we have found some devices that just will not work with our player. The Nexus phone as well as some tablets currently have problems streaming using KlowdTV. Do not worry though we have an Android application in development that will resolve these issues and should be out shortly.

Can I Stream in HD?

We stream all HD channels in 1080p or 720p HD. The only exception to this is channels that we receive from networks that are SD channels from the start. Right now our top end feeds run around 4.5 mbps and SD channels are around 2 mbps.

My stream quality is consistently poor. Why?

We use adaptive bit rate streaming to deliver all of our channels. This means that all feeds start out at the lowest bit rate and then improve to the highest level as long as you have sufficient bandwidth. If your feed quality doesn't improve the likely cause is limited bandwidth. Please try restarting your router, and then running a speed test to ensure you have adequate bandwidth.

Why Does the Sharpness of the Picture Sometimes Change?

KlowdTV streams live content, which means that extended buffering of content is not possible. Therefore, if your internet connection degrades, we want to do our best to make sure that your stream continues until your connection recovers, so you don't miss any of our excellent programming. To facilitate this, KlowdTV utilizes adaptive bitrate streaming, which lowers the quality (and therefore bandwidth requirement) of the stream in instances that your internet connection degrades, and then increases the quality when your connection recovers.

How Fast Must My Internet Connection Be?

We recommend that all subscribers have at least a 5 to 10 mbps connection. Live streaming is very dependent on having a strong and stable download speed. Unlike most video on demand services, we cannot buffer far into the future so you must have a good stable connection to reliably stream our service.

Even though a speed test says my download speeds are sufficient I continue to receive the lowest quality feed. How do I fix this?

Some service providers practice data throttling or slow down traffic from specific origins. In this case please try turning the power off on your router for 30 seconds and rebooting it.

Do I need to enable, disable, or download anything to use KlowdTV?

While we don't use flash streaming certain elements of our player require Java Script and Flash Media Player to be installed to function properly on Mac's and PC's. Also, be sure to have your devices' software updated to the latest version.

Are there certain settings I must have enabled or disabled?

KlowdTV has been designed and built responsively meaning the site will adjust according to the browser's page load width. However if using IE then it is recommended to disable compatibility mode. JavaScript and Flash Media Player must be installed and updated to subscribe and watch Klowd's content.

What Devices Can I Watch KlowdTV On?

KlowdTV is available on the following devices:

  • Computer: Mac and PC browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+)
  • Mobile Web Browsing: Most Android devices 4.1 and higher & iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
  • Streaming TV: New AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, & Amazon FireTV Boxes

How Do I Stream to My TV?

You can download one of the KlowdTV apps for streaming TV: New AppleTV's, Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon FireTV (boxes only for now). You can also stream to your TV through AirPlay using a Mac or iOS device and pushing to an AppleTV, or using Google Chrome as your browser and pushing to a Google Chromecast.

Can I watch KlowdTV on my smart TV browser?

It depends. We have not been able to test every smart TV's browser. At this point we know that some work and some do not. We will be coming out with a variety of applications over the next few months to make the service available on a variety of TV devices and smart TVs.

Does KlowdTV Have an App?

Yes! We encourage all our users to watch KlowdTV in our apps!

  • Mobile Apps: Android, iOS
  • Streaming TV: New AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, & Amazon Fire (boxes only for now)!

Roku app redirect/closes to the home screen. What do I do?

If you are able to log in to the website but not the apps, then please ensure you are typing you credentials exactly the same as you do on the website. If you are still not able to get access then please contact support as there may be a processing issue we have not yet discovered.

The Roku app remains on the login screen. What do I do?

If you are able to log in to the website but not the apps, then please ensure you are typing you credentials exactly the same as you do on the website. If you are still not able to get access then please contact support as there may be a processing issue we have not yet discovered.

Why can I not log into the app while I can on the website?

If you are able to log in to the website but not the apps, then please ensure you are typing you credentials exactly the same as you do on the website. If you are still not able to get access then please contact support as there may be a processing issue we have not yet discovered.

How come I cannot join on the app?

At this time you can only establish an account using the website through your web browser. Please sign up using https://www.klowdtv.com/. Once an account is created, you can access the apps.

Does KlowdTV offer standard DVR?

At this time KlowdTV does not offer subscribers to schedule and save recordings as is expected with standard DVR. At this time KlowdTV offers only "Jump Back" DVR.

What is "Jump Back" DVR?

"Jump Back" DVR is a DVR-like feature wherein content is recorded as it airs. With "Jump Back" KlowdTV provides all of the recorded content for eligible channels. This recorded content is content that has already aired and is saved up to 14 days prior to today including earlier times today. Jump Back is similar to video-on-demand but the content is available only after it has aired and it is available for a limited time. Jump Back is similar to DVR except that the recordings are stored within KlowdTV's systems, not the user's, and removed after the limited time period.

What is saved with "Jump Back" DVR?

"Jump Back" DVR saves currently airing content up to 14 days.

Where is the "Jump Back" content saved?

Content for "Jump Back" is saved within the KlowdTV systems, not within the user's machines.

How do I watch "Jump Back" content?

On the Watch page click on the date displayed on the guide (just above the channel logos) to open a date selector. Select an earlier date and the guide will reload with that earlier date's content. Click on a show title to view the show's description and a "Watch" button. Click the "Watch" button to watch that program.

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