KlowdTV Model 10 Box

With the KlowdTV Box + KlowdTV Antenna get even more channels on your tv without the hassle.

Watch your favorite TV Content

  • Integrated Netflix + Hulu + KlowdTV
  • Watch Local HD Channels without an Adapter
  • Play movies from USB or add Extra Storage

FREE Shipping

30-day Money Back

FREE Antenna

We have run out of stock on the Bluetooth keyboard and unfortunately we will not be able to include them with your box order.

KlowdTV Offer With the purchase of a KlowdTV Model 10 Box receive a 1 year FREE subscription to KlowdTV.


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Tech Specs
Storage 8GB Flash (Expandable to 32GB)
Memory 2BG DDR3-1600
CPU Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 2.0 GHZ
Connectivity ASTC Antenna Input,
USB 2.0 TF Card,
Dimensions WXHXD(mm): 215X160X41
OS Updates Over the Air Updates
Language Mutli Language
Accessories 1 IR Remote, 1 KlowTV Antenna, 1 Keypad

KlowdTV Box

Your TV is not compatible? Don't have a streaming device? Well, here is the solution...

A state of the art, all-in-one entertainment center that frees you from all your other hardware and remote controllers. It's simply the best solution to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and yes... even live TV.

Open it up, connect to the TV and Internet, and watch TV.

Watch One America News

With every purchase of a KlowdTV Box and a Subscription Account you can enjoy One America News from home with no cable provider.*

All you need is a subscription account login and be ready to watch Americas Best news network. Get OAN Now!

*Accounts to other services may be required.

Latest Features

Every KlowdTV Box connects to the web with either Ethernet or WiFi connectivity. The choice is yours.

The hardware inside supports streaming in HD or 4K. You'll get picture quality that's optimized for your TV with clear-cut details and vibrant color.*

It's super light-weight and durable. Pack it in your bag on your next trip.

*Streaming quality depends on download speeds and each individual channel provider.

All-in-One Package

Every order includes one KlowdTV Box with power supply cable, one KlowdTV Box remote controller, one wireless keyboard controller a HDMI cable, and limited warranty .

Even shipping is included!*

*Currently the KlowdTV Box is only available within the United States.

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